Fountainhead Homes is GROWING!

Fountainhead Homes is expanding again!!  We are so thrilled to announce and welcome new residents into our Fountainhead family in the Fall of 2017.  We have been asked to grow to help the many more in our communities who need our…Full article

Kim and Lori get married at Ashwabay House

Finding Love in Surprising Places: Kim had already been welcomed into our Fountainhead family and was adored by all.  His sweet and unassuming demeanor, as well as his genuine and loving spirit, won the hearts of residents and staff alike. …Full article

New Insights into the Dementia Epidemic

Described in the early 1980s as “The Silent Epidemic,” dementia in the elderly will soon become a clarion call for public health experts worldwide. The epidemic is largely explained by the prevalence of dementia in persons 80 years of age…Full article