Dr. Kim Petersen Recommends Fountainhead Homes as First Choice for Assisted Living

“As a dementia specialist, I have had a number of patients with dementia join Fountainhead Homes for their assisted living needs. The care and concern of the staff was evident from the initial assessment of my patients’ needs, to the development of the care plan and, if needed, further fine-tuning of needs as the patient settled into being a “resident of Fountainhead”. In my experience, the Fountainhead staff are the most flexible of any long-term care organization in meeting the resident’s care needs with an emphasis on quality of life and “meaning” to each day for every person residing in their facilities. Fountainhead Homes are my first choice for my patients’ life in assisted living.”

– Dr. Kim Peterson, a Madison-area specialist in geriatric medicine, and member of Dane County Dementia Support Team.


The Dementia Support Team includes staff from the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin and the South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, along with Dr. Kim Petersen. The Dementia Support Team, formed in 2009, could expand through a state effort to reform dementia services. Read more about this in the Wisconsin State Journal article: http://host.madison.com/business/technology/dane-county-dementia-program-could-expand-statewide/article_2b39fc53-5c5a-53b5-93a9-3474f3f97009.html#ixzz32BIyHmys




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