Kim and Lori get married at Ashwabay House

Kim and Lori

Finding Love in Surprising Places:

Kim had already been welcomed into our Fountainhead family and was adored by all.  His sweet and unassuming demeanor, as well as his genuine and loving spirit, won the hearts of residents and staff alike.  Who would have thought that a lovely lady would move in across the hall and win HIS heart.  Lori added an energy, fun & tenderness to his life that he had never experienced before.  We watched these two wonderful people individually form a deep friendship and ultimately a special love.

We held their wedding at our Ashwabay House filled with many friends and family, and even healthcare partners.  Everyone was touched by their love.  Decorations adorned our living area and delectable food and cake were served.  This was truly one of the most memorable events at Fountainhead Homes.

Congratulations Kim & Lori!!

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